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Being a fruitful Christian

John 15:1-8

The Bible contains many profound truth concerning the Christian life. To teach us some of these truths, Jesus Christ sometimes uses simple illustrations or parables. Here he uses the vine and fruitful branches.

The purpose of the Lord Jesus for us as Christians (his people) is that we become fruitful Christians. How can we become fruitful Christians? As we examine the parable in John 15:1-8, we will learn about how we may become fruitful Christians.

First of  all let analyze the vine.

John 15:1 “I am the true vine and my father is the gardener”. In this illustration, Jesus describes himself as “the true vine” those who have become his followers as “the branches”. By remaining attached to him as a source of life, they produce fruit. To produce spiritual fruit means

  1. To develop godly character
  2. To set godly example
  3. To do effective service and lead others to Christ.

Jesus also describes his father as the Gardner. We are going to come back to what the gardener job at the end before we conclude.

In addition and Jesus speaks about the branches.

What are the function of Branches?
John 15 : 2 – 4  “… Every branch in me that does not bear fruit… and every branch that bears fruit you are already clean because of the word which I have spoken to you. Abide in me and I in you. As the branch… unless it abides in the vine neither can you unless you abide in me.”

Jesus describes all his follower as 2 categories of branches: fruitless and fruitful.

1)The branches that never produce or quit producing fruit of those who no longer have the spiritual life in them that comes from enduring faith in and love for Christ. Those branches that are out of the contact with or disconnect from the vine are lifeless and useless so far as producing fruit.

2)The branches that produce fruit of those who have life in them because of their during face and the love for Christ.

What we need to know is that after a person accepts Christ and the sacrifice of Calvary, he or she receives the gift of eternal life which centers around a personal relationship with Christ and it includes the power of the Holy Spirit to sustain and develop that relationship.

Just as the branch has life only as long as the vines life flows into it. So believers have true life only as long as Christ life flows into them through an active in vital relationship with him.

The conditions which keep us connected to price include.

  1. spending time reading and studying God’s word.
  2. Maintaining a positive habit of prayer.
  3. Obey his commands which demonstrate true love for Christ.
  4. Keep our lives spiritually clean by resisting temptation and following the Holy Spirit’s direction. 1 Peter 1:22

The parable tells about vine branches and the Gardner. Now let’s see who is the Gardner and what is his job.

Finally Jesus tells his people the job of the husbandman.

John 15: 1b, 2a and 6b “… and my father is the gardener. He cuts off every branch in me the Bears no fruit. Well every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruit. God the father is the Gardner of the vine which is Jesus. God who knows what is darkness and nothing is hidden from him knows which branch is not very fluid in which one does. He takes care of the branches in the order that they may be more fruitful. If there is a branch which is fruitless God eventually cuts it off. This means God does not allow fruitless branches attached to the vine. So in order to remain attach to Jesus we need to be fruitful. In addition, the branches which  are fruitful the father prunes or trims them; so that they  will grow better and become more fruitful. This means that God removes from their lives anything that takes away their devotion to Christ or hinders their life giving connection to him. Let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing. This usually can be uncomfortable or painful process of discipline and challenge. But the end result is the sweet fruit of Christian character that brings honor and glory to Jesus.

To conclude, being a fruitful christian or fruit bearing takes time and comes only as christian stays in vital relationship with Jesus and cooperate with the Holy Spirit. There is no other way to get spiritual fruit; for, Jesus said in John 15 verse 5 ” … for without Me you can do nothing.”